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2023 Vol.56, Issue 3 Preview Page


31 August 2023. pp. 287-289
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Baek, N., S.W. Park, E.S. Shin, S.B. Heo, H.J. Park, and W.J. Choi. 2023. Changes in methane emission of Korean rice production systems for the last two decades and suggestions for methane mitigation. Korean. J. Soil Sci. Fert. 55:475-487. 10.7745/KJSSF.2023.56.2.199
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Yoon, S., J. Lee, Y. Lee, H. An, K.Y. Jung, S.H. Oh, C.H. Lee, and S.Y. Kim. 2022. Long-term inorganic and organic fertilizations affect CH4 oxidation potential and methanotrophic community structure in paddy soils. Korean. J. Soil Sci. Fert. 55:475-487. 10.7745/KJSSF.2022.55.4.475
  • Publisher :Korean Society of Soil Science and Fertilizer
  • Publisher(Ko) :한국토양비료학회
  • Journal Title :Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer
  • Journal Title(Ko) :한국토양비료학회 학회지
  • Volume : 56
  • No :3
  • Pages :287-289
  • Received Date : 2023-08-01
  • Accepted Date : 2023-08-02